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With so much change going on in life, and the loss of our beloved Dad, I have been wanting so badly to write, but I just can’t get my feelings on the page. I have so many emotions welling up inside of me, but am struggling to put them into words. What I have been doing is reminiscing of my first days in Tanzania. Those days when nursing was just a dream, Mwita was just my boyfriend, and his dad was not yet my father-in-law, but my mentor. Even in those days my eyes were full of wonder at the world around me and my heart beat for Africa. Here are a few words from those days and really some of my favorite I’ve ever written. Here is my heart for Ntagatcha and here is me saying thanks to Dad for making it all possible.


“If you listen hard enough, you can hear the heartbeat of the land here in Tanzania. The stories trampled into the paths, the tales whispered into the air. You can feel the heart of the people and feel their blood pumping through the veins of Africa.
The Kuria people are truly something; they are crying out for a change, yet trying to figure out how to still hold on to their past. It has proven to be a difficult road.
We have seventy children now, and I am more sure than ever that I will leave seventy pieces of my heart in Africa. I am deeply saddened by the past they have lived, but ever optimistic about the future they hold. They are beautiful and strong. They have such a desire to learn and a plan to change their nation.
I have seen how AIDs, hunger, and war have devastated this land, how they have wreaked havoc on the beautiful continent of Africa. In this, though, I have found beauty in the ashes, life amongst the dead, and a sincere prayer among the godlessness. But most of all, I have found a people with hope in all the despair, a remnant refusing to give up.
After all this, I am truly content to close my first chapter here in Ntagacha. It has been long and full. I am content, only however, because a chapter is only a fraction of a book. Until next time, these have been my dreams from Africa.”


Since then I have added many chapters to the book, but it is not finished. For me, this is still not the end.

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