The Future Seems Bright


A new year. A blank slate. A clean page. It’s my favorite, this time of year. And ever the optimist, I feel like all my dreams will come true in the 12 months ahead.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that 2015 was a hard- as we started the year having no idea where we would live or what we would do and ended it gladly saying goodbye to 2015 and the many struggles it brought.

It has been a difficult year the world over. With new stories of violence everyday, the refugee crisis, and the fact that Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate, the world seems to be in chaos. I can see and feel that fear abounds.

Today on this dawn of a new year I say to you and to myself- do not fear, the future seems bright. Because amongst the chaos and turmoil I see beauty and kindness, I see new ideas and hearts for the world. I believe so much in us all. I believe in the people I work with that have dedicated their lives to curing cancer. I believe in The City of Hope that is helping to end the orphan crisis in East Africa. I believe in the kindness of strangers, and those that donate their time and money to invest in a better world. Oh do not fear, our future is so bright.

World over there is chaos, and world over there are people in the trenches fighting to make a difference in the lives of those around them. World over their are people standing up for love, generosity, and change.

Educators who give their time to bring forth the creativity, parents teaching their children to be generous and kind. I see great courage in the hearts of youth. I see passion in the eyes of my generation. I see ingenuity and dreams higher than the sky.

The week before Christmas, Mwita and I went on a cruise with his family. It was a wonderful week full of relaxation and fun. On the last night, the cruise director pointed out that there were over 70 countries represented on that cruise and how beautiful it was that we all spent a lovely week together in joy and fun. That is the world I believe in.

This new year is about new promise, following our dreams, and becoming the people we want to be. It is about bringing forth the gifts and passions we have in our hearts and giving them to the world. The new year is a chance to be the best you can be.

Bring for the best things of last year, and leave the heartache in the past. This year is brand new

In this season, I believe in hope for the future, joy to the world, peace on earth, love over all.

Do not fear, the future seems bright

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