The Life You Want to Live


Life is a funny thing. They way the clock keeps ticking and time keeps going, even if you wished for just one moment that it would slow down. When I’m worn out and wanting these weekend hours to stay just a bit longer, or when I wonder how this past year has gone so fast! I am convinced that the older I get, the faster time goes. Is the world moving faster and we just don’t know it?

I’m in that 9-5 thing now, that everyday get up, get moving and get to work. And with my commute taking me well over an hour (on a good day) I find that my time quickly disappears (though we are working on changing that whole living situation). I think right now I’m busier than ever…and I’m not saying that proudly, but just that it is a fact.

In this busyness, I’m beginning to realize that the everyday things, those small moments, make up more of our life than the big decisions. Sometimes it is those moments when our minds are still and quiet. Sometimes it the small things like pink sunrises on the way to work that count. I could work in the job I do and be the most joyful or most miserable person around, it’s the choices I make in the small moments that make all the difference. Savoring that last few drops of coffee in the morning, enjoying the friendships that have come with my new job, and the fact that I have watched fall display its changing robe of colors as I drive everyday along the C & O canal. And that is why I’m learning this word cultivate…I’m learning to cultivate a life of love and joy and peace. A life well lived, even if those free moments are few.

Taking the moments to cook when I get home from work, even though I’m tired, because it is something I love to do. Spending long weekend mornings walking around DC with Mwita, because moments with him are what I cherish more than anything in the world, or sitting for hours on the couch looking at houses as we plan for the place where we will cultivate sweet friendships and bring our children home someday. It’s these things, these beautiful moments that bring out the living of all parts of life—mind, body, spirit.

Back in the summer I was listening to a podcast (though I cannot remember which). I remember her saying “Wake up for your life, no to it.” And that has resonated with me every since. Our lives are ours to live. Ours to cultivate and to create. It’s the choices we make in those early morning hours that set the course for our day. Don’t let the tasks of the day overwhelm you or overtake you, wake up to the joy and the beauty that is around. In all the busyness, create the life you want to live.

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