We fly…

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I have tried to live my life with a certain amount of adventure, it is something I promised myself long ago. Not to always play it safe, but to also take chances and to embrace change. I am not saying it has always, or really ever, been easy, but it certainly has not been boring either.

There is a lot of risk that comes with living life in that way. Loss of security, so many unknowns, always meeting new people, and often having to leave things behind. Several times I have found myself walking down untraveled paths in life and wondering where to turn.

There is a quote that I keep seeing popping up, you have probably seen it too. I love it though, it is so exactly how I am feeling right now.

“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky. And you ask, ‘What if I fall?’ Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?’” Erin Hanson

What if we fly!?

I have learned a great but difficult lesson this past year. It may seem a bit gloomy at first, but hear me out. The lesson is that dreams do not always come true and that life is sometimes not what you expected. Sometimes, life is just hard. That is so against what my heart tells me, so against what I have ingrained in my soul. But also, so very true. In that same time, though, I learned another even more valuable lesson. It is that I would rather live with the disappointment of a dream that did not come true than, than to live with the questions of “what if I would have tried?” I thought about this for a long time the other night as I was talking to my family and I considered some things in my life that did not turn out the way I had hoped, and circumstances in others lives that ended the same way. Sometimes life stinks. Sometimes things we have planned do not pan out, but oh darling what if we fly!?

As I pondered those things, though, I felt so thankful because I, and countless others, have stepped out. We threw caution to the wind and tried our very best. We put our hearts out on the line. I have to admit, that all of my great dreams and attempts have not worked out. I have to say that a time or two I went on the breezes of the sky and I have fallen. I also have to say that sometimes I have flown and there is nothing in the world that feels like that. Nothing in the world like standing in the face of fear. Nothing like taking a step of faith.

Disappointments come and go. They hurt, they break your heart, sometimes they seem to take over your every thought, sometimes they seem so big, but you deal with them the best you can and then you move on. I believe those things eventually ease away. It’s the “what ifs” that haunt your dreams at night.

At times I may have lived life with a bit of naiveté, I have let my dreams lead the way. That has not always worked out perfectly. Sometimes cars break at the worst times even when I hope they won’t, sometimes bills add up even when I dream that they aren’t there, sometimes connections don’t come through even though all my plans are riding on them. Life doesn’t always work out, I know that, but sometimes, just sometimes dreams do come true,  we stare fear in the face and take action, the stars seem to perfectly align, and those are the times that we step out…

and then, my darling, those are the times we fly!

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